Articulating Cinema                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               2017. Unit 7. 

Articulating Cinema is a three month project investigating layering and miscommunication in cinema. It investigates the spaces between cuts of a scene in which an actor impossibly changes position whilst interacting with the built environment, The project culminates in the creation of physical, dynamic 'hinges'; Wax substitutes for characters in a scene of a movie set in Los Angeles. The hinges shown articulating below move between these impossible positions, giving them credibility in the real world. 

album 2.jpg
album 1.jpg

Drawing 1

Demonstrates the level of intimacy and control

undertaken during testing of the wax hinges, as

each surface had to be accounted for and tracked

carefully through the full movement, 



Drawing 2

Generating a rig to record and track the movement 

in the contact of an imitation movie scene, matching 

camera angles and timing to reveal the full, impossible

interaction between actor and the built environment. 

Wax articulation testing

2018. Bartlett U8. 19 Seconds.

A study of carefully created wax joints that bend in a predetermined way when tension is applied. Used to investigate unseen movement in cinema.