1 Wax articulation testing

2018. Bartlett U8. 19 Seconds.

A study of carefully created wax joints that bend in a predetermined way when tension is applied. Used to investigate unseen movement in cinema.

2 Accelerated weather testing

2015. Bartlett Y1. 1m13s

  A study of porcelain decomposition, in alkaline water to simulate aggressive weather patterns. Casts taken directly from building studies in Madrid.

3 Agar extrusion

2015. Bartlett Y1. 1m23s

Test piping molten agar into ice cold water. The test was designed to see if artificial and temporary structures could be created in Regents canal as part of a submerged fishery.

4 Datamosh testing

2017. Bartlett U7. 14 Seconds.

  A visual test of only observing partial data (see more in 'Imaging the unseen): By removing the I frames (movement frames) of a video, you are left with only start and end points- everything in between must be interpolated digitally leading to partially corrupted visuals.

5 Drying and etching

2018. Bartlett U8. 25 Seconds

Drying a concrete cast from an alginate mould with heat, before testing varied level laser etching on the piece. Laser etching has a resolution at a specific height, so this was an experiment into laser defocusing as a way of creating hierarchy in digital drawing.

6 Slip casting and quenching

2015. Bartlett U8. 1m11s

  Testing different casting methods including slip and lost wax, alongside casting with pewter, and a final hardening quench.

7 De/Re Construction 

2018. Bartlett U8. 35s

Generating forms out of card massing, before encoding each surface, deconstructing and rebuilding in more rigorous media.