London Patchwork Fishery                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            2016    51°32'08"N 0°04'12"W

The program and brief are designed around a client, Joseph, emigrating Kazakhstan to pursue traditional fishing techniques in London following the draining of the Aral sea where he used to Fish. Homage is paid throughout to the concepts of materiality undergoing constant transitionary change, and how this can be used in relation to forming links to geographical context. 

Perspectivial .png


2016, Bartlett Year 1

Sectional Perspective.

Graphite on paper

1524 x 1219mm



Material study of micro elements

Graphite on paper

1524 x 1219mm

Water Runoff Massing Model
Permeable subtrates

3 and 4

Documentation of experimentation into material change and kinematics.

Water Runoff Massing Digital Mesh_
Structural Torque Experiment

5 and 6

Sets of accompanying drawings including final sections and studies.

Micro specific_edited.jpg
Kinematic study, Casting_
Kinematic study, Casting_
Kinematic study, Casting_
Kinematic study, Casting_
Micro Specific Model making interaction_
Waterjet Floorplating_
Rust and Algea growth experiments overla
Agar Extrusion
Agar Extrusion Experimentation_
Decomposition Through exaggerated weathe