New Orleans Institute of Archaeology                                                                                                                                                                                                             2017 Unit 7  29°50'00"N 90°03'40"W

The institute of Archaeology project was set into the bank of the Harvey Canal,  Belle Chasse, just outside of New Orleans. The intention of the program was to collect objects of interest in the greater metropolitan area and preserve them for the gradual descent of the city, as water levels rise over the next 120 years. During this process, the building excavated around itself, and gradually shrouded itself in CEB panels, creating a sealed tomb of local relics. In its final form, the building was entirely submerged; its base structure was engineered to create surface eddies on the water above acting as a visual locator of the project. 



2017, Bartlett Unit 7

Sectional Perspective.

Graphite on paper

1524 x 1219mm


2017, Bartlett Unit 7.

Plan and Section 1:100.

Graphite on paper

1524 x 1219mm



Alginate testing of existing substructure in the dry-docks. The cast was resolved to create part of a CEB press, which was then functionally 3D Printed in ABS.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 10.04.01 Morni


Material submersion testing.

Substrates 1-8 constructed from different ratios of sand and cement.


End of term ceremonial disposal of composition model